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This page details the characters from the books A Lady's Prerogative I, A Lady's Prerogative II: Wounded Aerth and A Lady's Prerogative: The Test Of Time (coming soon).

Bethel (A Lady`s Prerogative II: Wounded Aerth)

Bethel is the town Apothecare in Sharlesbury. She is in a relationship with Melinda, when Melinda is forced to flee during the Wytch hunt, which is really a cover for other matters.

Darben (A Lady`s Prerogative II: Wounded Aerth)

Darben is employed by the town guard of Sharlesbury. When co-opted to arrest Father Elias Wilsen, he showed his loyalty to Father Wilsen and assisted in Melinda Heyes' rescue by prevent her from being extradited into the hands of the Wytch hunters. He sustained injuries during the daring rescue which may take more of a toll than thought.

Nelony Ardebloem (A Lady`s Prerogative I, A Lady`s Prerogative II: Wounded Aerth)

Nelony is descended from a line of Wytches who were among the first victims of the hunt to be nearly erased by the Culdar Rath. She had always been a lover of animals and nature, and found that animals could communicate with her via a simple common symbolic language. She was watched with interest by several other Orders before she was approached by the last remaining of the line of Aerth Wytches next to herself. She joined their order and was trained by this Wytch until her death when Nelony's tutelage fell into the hands of Yirfir. She later met Shaela just before her eighteenth birthday and they'd become close friends thereafter. When Mila had been brought into the school, the three formed an instant bond and have been close ever since.

Athandra Rithyani (A Lady's Prerogative: The Lost And The Found, A Lady`s Prerogative II: Wounded Aerth)

Athandra is from a group of magical seers who use their abilities to peer into far off places and times, able to collect information about those places for the verification and reconciliation of facts in the Librum Universalis Codex. During the battle of the Sanctum, they provide information by scrying into the Culdar Rath's battle plans, and passing information to Jon, the mind of the Itanicarum. They originate from India and follow the way of the Great Elephant Ganesh, removing hurdles of ignorance for those of the Sanctum.

Evan Edwards (A Lady`s Prerogative II: Wounded Aerth)

Evan Edwards, a highly trained and decorated cavalier was selected as the commanding officer for the law offices of West View for his courage and virtuous duty. He served for years as the colony grew even recognizing the early signs of what would become the hunt. His history had put him in direct contact with notable figures of the First English Civil War.

Starting his investigations after a few "accidental deaths" that had befallen those who'd been charged with practicing Wytch craft, he was quickly overwhelmed by the illegitimacy of the hunt. There was so much support for it that it affected the political influence enough to make investigations very dangerous. With the entire colony polarized and played by the devious Power Lords and the Culdar Rath, Evan's last hope of dealing justice to the hunt and stopping the Culdar Rath lies with Shaela, who has arrived from another time, and the Magistrate who had been targeted for removal by the Culdar Rath.

Serene Feylashar (aka Fey LaChar) (A Lady`s Prerogative II: Wounded Aerth)

Feylashar is a first order healer of the Order Of The Life Well. Having served the Sanctum many times during her short career and life as a healer, she has proven a great asset to those around her for her compassion and charm. During Shaela`s investigation of the shapeghosts, Feylashar was a key to solving the problems they were to face as a team. During the battle of the Sanctum, she has been the healer for forces protecting the Sanctum while the senior members of the Sanctum deal with these threats directly. Feylashar originates from the Far East though has become a fluent speaker of French, mostly due to her fascination with the culture and language. She was taught much of her French by Yirfir, who originates from a mixed heritage including French.

Haether Dovensoul (A Lady`s Prerogative II: Wounded Aerth)

Haether is another of the first order healers of the Order Of The Life Well. She specifically developed healing methods and a technique that incorporates auric energy along with a combination of Eastern and Western philosophies of science and medicine. This has made her versatile to many unique situations where she'd been required in the battle field during the siege of the Sanctum by the forces of the Culdar Rath. She was introduced into the inner circle of Yirfir, Mila, Shaela and Nelony by Feylashar her friend and peer.

Jexelen Halis (A Lady`s Prerogative II: Wounded Aerth)

Jexelen was first a healer of the Order Of The Well, later branching off into the mysteries of concerning communication with the dead via her studies of Egyptology (bringing her in contact with her Nubian heritage). She uses such craft to gain insight from great leaders of the past, all deceased or even scholars and philosophers all of whom have passed on. She often acts as an intermediary between Thara and Lannay, who have difficulty seeing eye to eye on many occasions. Her first order is the Sanctum itself and avoids squabbles that sometimes befall those who inhabit the walls of the Sanctum. She has much respect amongst her peers in the Sanctum for showing no favour where there should be none. She has few if any close friends but many allies.

Melinda Heyes (A Lady`s Prerogative II: Wounded Aerth)

Melinda Heyes is the lover of Bethel, the town Apothecare of Sharlesbury. They are in a same sex relationship which they keep secret until they are hunted down by the strangers during the height of the Wytch hunt. She flees and finds her way to the Haven.

Lannay Kelarnum (A Lady`s Prerogative II: Wounded Aerth)

A hopeless bureaucrat and rigid leader in the Sanctum, Lannay is often a barrier more so than a benefit. In this way he benefits the Sanctum by challenging the member orders of the Sanctum to produce enough of an argument in favor of any path they choose to pursue before relinquishing his power of the veto on any propositions put forth by member orders. Despite is difficult stance he considers himself a necessary obstacle that ensures the no proposition be put forth without the necessary debate between all orders to ensure its legitimacy and benefit to the world they protect.

Masitu Osaka (A Lady`s Prerogative II: Wounded Aerth)

Osaka is a member of the defense forces responsible for the protection and security of the Sanctum against intruders of all kinds. He is the leader of a clan of master sword bearing wizards who are as deadly with spells as they are their specialized katanas. They have existed as a secret sect of the Samurai, since the early 1500s and the times of Feudal Japan. They work closely with the Knights Of Undying Virtue (an order of Welsh and Celtic Knights) and the Order Of The Life Well (the first healing order of the Sanctum and of multinational origins and influences). They from time to time call upon the assistance of the Order Of The East Moon Heavens, a powerful group of ancient magicians and scholars dating back to pre-imperial China who are sometimes referred to as Spiritfolk or Spiritkin.

Yirfir Lacharme (A Lady`s Prerogative I, A Lady`s Prerogative II: Wounded Aerth)

Yirfir is an original member of the New Sanctum and the first Order Of The New before the fall of the Sanctum. A classical beauty with a taste for good company, food and drink, Yirfir discovered her penchant for magical ability and elementalism when she was in her teens. She quickly achieved mastery before her twenty fifth birthday, using her abilities many times in the field during the Deception Wars, a time of unrest before the fall of the first Sanctum. She'd met Jasmer at the Sanctum and immediately fell for him. They were a couple for a long time as he rose through the ranks. The Sanctum fell and he was drawn onto the side of the Power Lords and the Norbids.  Shortly after the battle of Alivale, Yirfir reunited with Jasmer and they became engaged. Yirfir has a mixed heritage but recognizes France as being her home of homes. Yirfir like Jasmer has actually been alive by our measure of experience for centuries. Like her lover Jasmer she is of Canadian origins.

Thara Lansworth (A Lady`s Prerogative II: Wounded Aerth)

Thara's origins are widely unknown and one of the greatest mysteries of the Sanctum. Many have speculated on her arrival and quick ascension to become the matron of the Order Of The Night Wytch. Her wisdom and compassion has kept her long as their trusted leader and she has also served as matron of the Sanctum in the absence of Yirfir. Lannay and Jexelen often contend with this leadership, though Jexelen recognizes that Thara's interests are for the safety of the Sanctum.

Sir Thomas Manfred (A Lady`s Prerogative II: Wounded Aerth)

Sir Thomas Manfred is the Commander In Chief under the Royal Throne of the Order Of The Knights of Undying Virtue. He upholds the relations and diplomacy between the issues of Sanctum politics and the rest of the world, as conducted diplomatically through the Royal Throne Of England. As ambassadors, they rarely find themselves involved directly in matters involving the attacks upon the Sanctum, though they are also highly trained and skilled combatants and proficient with a variety of weapons and magic should they be required to use force. In the book, they assist in internal security during the battle of the Sanctum.

Jeong Soon (A Lady's Prerogative I: The Full Edition, A Lady's Prerogative II: Wounded Aerth and The Full Edition)

One of the founders of the second incarnation of the Sanctum during the dark time that Jasmer abandoned it to join the ranks of the Uxgard Norbids and the Power Lords. Jeong Soon and his wife Lady Naemi Soon helped to rebuild in shadow of the Deception Wars. Their direction and leadership is respected as they are amongst the founding members of the new Sanctum alongside Jexelen and Thara. In the time during the transition in A Lady's Prerogative Jeong Soon takes a more active role in leadership. Upon Jasmer's return he helps the remnants of the Sanctum to determine Jasmer's real intent.

Lady Naemi Soon (A Lady's Prerogative II: Wounded Aerth - The Full Edition)

Lady Naemi Soon with the help of her husband Jeong, directed the rebuilding of the Sanctum after the first wars of the new millenium. They took on the role was formerly that of Yirfir and Jasmer in the months after the fall of the Sanctum. They kept the various orders unified and instituted a new charter for the Sanctum and its members making it more responsible to the world it protected. Lady Naemi Soon drew up the first draft of the charter where it was approved unanimously by everyone but Lannay. Lady Soon and Thara managed to convince Lannay in a long debate that this new charter was implicit since the formation of the Sanctum and the drawing up the first charter. The new charter resulted in opening up the Librum Universalis Codex to accepted members of the Sanctum and its various orders. It also increased the pressure and responsibility of the Sanctum to the world and the planes of existence.

Jasmer McCavanaugh (A Lady`s Prerogative I, A Lady`s Prerogative II: Wounded Aerth)

A connaisseur and rennaissance man, Jasmer is a man of many talents, including being a powerful wielder of the arts. Jasmer was raised by a poor family who taught him the ways civilized life and virtue. They ascended via the success of his parents effort. From the time he was seven he was raised amidst the wealthy and influential and found himself quite often the center of their attention. He spent most of his spare time reading and studying about history and the world and by his teen years he'd discovered his magical abilities though he ignored them at first. When he was twenty three, a Power Lord took interest in him and kept him under watch for years as he progressed in ability. He met Yirfir through his growing contacts and fell for her from the moment that he saw her, though they both played with each other for a long time before admitting their passion for one another. He was drawn into the first Sanctum as a trainee. He quickly grew in power and ability, drawing upon his immense sense of history and time to understand the social dynamics involved in the conflict with the Norbids and the Power Lords that few could match. This both made him a powerful adversary of the Power Lords and a valuable asset as they played him, luring him to their side. Eventually he rekindled his love and relationship with Yirfir. Shortly after the battle of Alivale they became engaged. Jasmer originates from Scotland though he has dual heritage. Jasmer has actually been alive for centuries through the struggles with the Power Lords. He is a Canadian just like his lover Yirfir.

Mila Rendebelle (A Lady`s Prerogative I, A Lady`s Prerogative II: Wounded Aerth)

Is the first of a line of Wytches utilizing art as the basis for her craft. Mila's parents died when she was in her teens after one of her first paintings had sold for a sizeable sum. She is the first of her kind and pioneering the craft having started this innovative branch of magic. She met Barris while on a search to rescue her kidnapped mentor, Yirfir.  Through the course of their search for Yirfir and a show down with her captors, Mila and Barris fell for each other. Barris died and was revived along with Mila's dead parents by a powerful amulet she'd retrieved from their fallen nemesis. Mila's Father was from Iceland while her Mother was from Japan.

Mishima Sato (A Lady`s Prerogative I, A Lady`s Prerogative II: Wounded Aerth)

A mysterious collector and adventurer of reknown throughout the world by the tightly nit members of the Sanctum. Trained in martial arts in Japan, China and Korea from the young age of five, he is a mystical wizard and has knowledge of much history from many places in the world. He has dined with the Royalty of many countries just as he has dined with the poor, whom he has helped from time to time. He opened a store to sell all of his accumulated treasures and share their stories with those who bought them. Barris who is naturally drawn to such things found friendship and employ under Sato's tutelage.

Mianamor Selembrosi (A Lady`s Prerogative II: Wounded Aerth)

First appears in the battle of the Sanctum during the Culdar Rath plot to overtake the Librum Universalis Codex. A member of the Order Of The Night Wytch.

Shaela Sheowelleyn (A Lady`s Prerogative I, A Lady`s Prerogative II: Wounded Aerth)

Shaela is a practitioner of shadow arts, a school of magic based upon concealment and communion with the shadow plane. Her parents gave birth to her and raised her as a couple until her tenth birthday when her father died as the result of a heart attack. She grew up a night person and discovered her magical affinity when she was eleven years old. Her mother introduced Shaela to Thara, the matron of the Order Of The Night Wytch. Thara took Shaela under her tutelage keeping a close eye upon her development from that time. Shaela has grown to become a very powerful member though she lacks the restraint required to ascend to the higher ranks of the Order. Her shadow cat, an ally that she summons from the shadow plane has become her most trusted friend and protector.

Nelony Theearin (A Lady`s Prerogative II: Wounded Aerth)

The risen leader of The Haven, a colony of outcasts and pariahs who've set south of the established colony of many towns, the first of which of which was West View. Nelony's family was hunted down during the first hunt on that soil. She was raised by a surrogate family who too were hunted down and killed. She became a powerful Wytch after her turmoil and protected those escaping the Alivale Wytch hunt and the strangers. She developed the Haven Law to bind and protect the residents of the Haven.

Father Elias Wilsen (A Lady`s Prerogative II: Wounded Aerth)

Father Elias Wilsen is used as the figurehead for the start of the Wytch hunt and to associate the Church with it. He is set up as the first Wytch hunter and branded with the murder of a Widow he'd befriended. The Wytch hunters use him to further their cause while he tries with futility to distance himself from them.

Kathryn Lellesmar (A Lady`s Prerogative II: Wounded Aerth)

Kathryn is the school teacher of the Sharlesbury School House in 1654. There she had befriended Father Elias Wilsen who'd held a secret crush for her. Not being a religious follower herself, they became friends when he opened up to her about his love of astronomy and the sciences. She follows a relaxed regimen in class though one that requires discipline and effort on the part of her students. As a result she's brought more than a few students out of their shells and into the love of the yearning and learning three hundred years before the first Sanctum was even constructed to unite such people of the same aspirations and ideas.

Barris Windsor (A Lady`s Prerogative I, A Lady`s Prerogative II: Wounded Aerth)

Barris, a talented and witty person has been a lost traveler for most of his life (so far). A studious Welsh reader of literature, poetry and history, he instantly became good friends with Sato upon their first meeting. Sato later hired Barris to work for him at Found Treasures, giving him a living space of his own and a modest sum of pay. Sato has been tutoring Barris in a multitude of disciplines of philosophy and lifestyle all while helping him to achieve his true calling.

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